• Bob Dylan - Blood in My Eyes - Testbed1

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  • Bob Dylan - Blood in My Eyes - Testbed1

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The official website for Blood in My Eyes, documenting the acclaimed 2012 exhibition and installation, featuring previously unseen photographs of Bob Dylan by Ana María Vélez Wood.

All the photographs were taken in a single day during Eurythmics founder Dave Stewart’s filming of the Bob Dylan video ‘Blood In My Eyes’ in 1993 and the exhibition took place in the industrial ex-dairy warehouse project space – Testbed1, Battersea, London.

A number of photographs from this session are already well known – Dylan himself chose one of Ana Maria’s images that became the cover for the World Gone Wrong Album – and other photographs have appeared on the “Tell Tale Signs: The Bootleg Series Vol. 8” compilation, as well as the cover for the 2010 landmark book “Bob Dylan by Greil Marcus – Writings 1968-2010”.

With the kind permission of Dylan and his Personal Manager, the photographs were displayed in an excitingly diverse range of mediums as limited edition prints.

The works can be viewed in their respective Galleries and copies of prints, as displayed in the  exhibition, can be purchased to order, as well as the opportunity to buy copies of the Catalogue of the show, published by Chelsea Space.

The website also features a specially commissioned video documentary and interview with Ana Maria containing special footage of the opening night and closing night music event.

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